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Hello! My name is Mark and I enjoy programming. I spend a lot of my time doing all sorts of programming, including game development, web development, virtual reality, and much more.

Here you can find all of the projects I've worked on, information about what I'm currently working on, some programming-related blog posts, and even some published work.

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{ Projects }


An open source in-game map/animation editor for 2D C++ SFML game development projects. You can use it to edit maps and animations in real-time with your player, physics, collisions, and everything else being rendered.


BigNumber is a C++ class that allows for the creation and computation of arbitrary-length integers. Most common mathematical operations are supported.

Project Euler

I spend a lot of my time working on solutions to the Project Euler math problems in C++.

A Note For Lime

For our one year anniversary, I made my girlfriend a game. Oats needs to deliver a very important message to Lime, but he can't do it without your help. Navigate through multiple levels of tricky platforming to win!
{ Writing }

CLion and CMake

JetBrains CLion is a fantastic IDE for developing C++ applications. In this post, learn how to create a static library in CLion and then link to that library from a separate application. Every step of the process is covered, including examples and images.

3D Lagging Camera in Unity

Learn how to create a camera that follows the player in Unity3D. This is not a regular third person camera, however, because it lags slighty behind the player. The result is very smooth camera movement for any third person game.
{ Publications }

Increasing Precision for Extended Reach 3D Manipulation

One topic I've researched in virtual reality is the precise manipulation of objects far away from the user. A colleague and I implemented a solution to this issue, ran a series of experiments, and compiled the data into an article. This article was published and featured in the International Journal of Virtual Reality.
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